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The key to the powerful difference that we offer our clients is the elegance of their having a single central web-based database that provides the data required by all the corporate accounting, measurement and management reporting functions.

Think of this: With our WebServices system, you never have to enter your data more than once! Think of the time this will save; the data entry errors that will be eliminated; the ease by which all of your reports can be updated by a single data entry.

There really is no limit to the list of benefits from having all your data within a central, online database, feeding and receiving live data from all your daily transactions and customer.

Key benefits you will realize from ATI’s WebServices system

  • Faster custom design and deployment cycles
  • No organizational disruption
  • One entry does it all
  • Easy to add additional modules of functionality
  • Easily consolidate all your client, prospect and sales data
  • Eliminate most – if not all – your software integration problems
  • Secure internet access to all your data & reports
  • No branded software licensing costs
  • Affordable engagement costs
  • No expensive leased lines required
  • Free system upgrades
  • Low system maintenance costs